Best Hair Straightener in India 2024 – Buying & Review Guide

Selecting the best hair straightener in India for your hair type can be tough. To help you out, our experts at Just Beauty Guide have found the top 10 best hair straightener in India for every hair type, including curly, frizzy, and thick.

Best Hair Straightener in India

As different hairstyles go, women and men both like to see what our hair might look like if they were different. Some people have beautiful straight hair others have magnificent curls, and both can be achieved with a few hours at the salon… or can it?

Hair straighteners though conceived in the early 20th century, have come a long way to being an essential part of hair styling necessities of this age. Read on to find out about the best hair straightener in India.

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List of Best Hair Straightener in India 2024

With newer technologies in hair styling updating frequently, a few straighteners make use of the best and most innovative of all to bring consumers an efficient product. Here listed are the best hair straightener in India our stylists at Just Beauty Guide could find.

S. No.Best Hair Straightener in IndiaPrice
1.VEGA VHSCC-01 3 in 1 Hair StylerRs. 1,259
2.Philips BHH880/10 Hair Straightening BrushRs. 2,745
3.Syska Super Glam HS6810 Hair StraightenerRs. 665
4.Nova NHS 901 Hair StraightenerRs. 598
5.Havells HC4045 5 in 1 Hair StylerRs. 2,309
6.Kemei Original KM-329 Hair StraightenerRs. 499
7.Ikonic Pro Titatium Shine Hair StraightenerRs. 6,959
8.RYLAN 3 in 1 Hair Straightener BrushRs. 579
9.Carrera 534 Hair StraightenerRs. 2,990
10.AGARO Instastraight Slim HS-7512 Hair StraightenerRs. 1,099

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Best Hair Straightener in India – Reviewed

  • Philips Hair Straightener: HP8302 Essential Selfie Straightener
  • Kemei Hair Straightener: KM-329 Professional
  • Havells Hair Straightener: HS4101
  • Philips Kerashine Hair Straightener: BHS386 Kera Shine
  • Philips Kerashine Hair Straightener: Hp8318/00 Kerashine, Temperature Control
  • Vega Hair Straightener : VEGA 3 in 1 Hair Styler – Straightener, Curler and Crimper (VHSCC-01)
  • Ikonic Hair Straightener – Pro Titanium Shine
  • Philips Hair Straightener Brush: Philips BHH880/10 Heated Straightening Brush
  • Havells Hair Straightener and Curler: HC4045 5 in 1 Multi Styling Kit
  • SYSKA Hair Straightener: HS6810
  • Nova Hair Straightener – NHS 860 Temperature Control, Professional

1. Philips Hair Straightener: HP8302 Essential Selfie Straightener

One of the most prominent electronics industries in India, Philips does not shy away from bringing its consumers the most innovative and designer products. A stylish product that brings comfort and functionality.


  • SlikPro Care for less heat exposure.
  • Ceramic plates for smooth gliding.
  • Hair straightening lasts for 2-3 hours.
  • 210°C professional temperature.
  • Fast heat up in 60 seconds.
  • 1.6 m heat safe cord.
  • Smooth ceramic plate: 19×85 mm
  • 2 years Philips India warranty

2. Kemei Hair Straightener: KM-329 Professional

A Chinese manufacturer, Kemei is revolutionizing the industry with cheaper alternatives.


  • Maintenance free.
  • No warranty provided.
  • Ceramic heavy duty Plates : 38×90 mm
  • Multi-purpose use. Can dry and straighten hair.
  • Heat Up Time: 30 sec.
  • Auto turn off option.
  • Temperature control : 4 temperatures to choose from.

3. Havells Hair Straightener: HS4101

Havells, a business since 1958, the company has products ranging from home and kitchen appliances, lighting for domestic, commercial and industrial applications, LED lighting, fans, modular switches and wiring accessories, water heaters, industrial and domestic circuit protection switchgear, industrial and domestic cables and wires, induction motors, and capacitors among others.


  • 2 year warranty.
  • 24 hour home service and help.
  • 25×120 mm ceramic coated floating plates.
  • 45 seconds quick heat up.
  • Advance PTC heating element.
  • Highest temperature : 210 degree Celsius
  • Switch based on/off mechanism.
  • 18m long cord.
  • Purple in color.

4. Philips Kerashine Hair Straightener: BHS386 Kera Shine

Philips is known in India as a reliable and affordable brand. With electronics ranging from styling products to home solutions, Philips has lead India towards a technologically sound environment.


  • SlikPro Care for less heat exposure.
  • Keratin infused ceramic plates : 38×90 mm
  • 2 professional temperature settings.
  • Hair straightener fast heat up in 60 seconds : 110 – 240V universal voltage.
  • Long plates for fast straightening.
  • 1.6 m heat safe cord.
  • Styling temperature : 210°C
  • 2 years Philips India warranty.

5. Philips Kerashine Hair Straightener: Hp8318/00 Kerashine, Temperature Control

Another of Philips’ products. Amongst electronics, Philips is known as one of the best and reliable. Their products can be found in most Indian households.


  • SlikPro Care for less heat exposure.
  • Keratin infused ceramic plates : 40×90 mm
  • Ultra Wide plates for thick and long hair.
  • Philips Straightener is equipped with a special ION functionality to provide you frizz-free smooth hair. When this function is on, it is normal to hear a sizzling sound coming from your straightener. It is totally harmless and meant to do that.
  • 2 professional temperature settings.
  • Hair straightener fast heat up in 60 seconds.
  • 1.8 m heat safe cord.
  • Temperature Settings – 210°C – 190°C.
  • 2 years Philips India warranty.

6. Vega Hair Straightener : VEGA 3 in 1 Hair Styler – Straightener, Curler and Crimper (VHSCC-01)

Vega, based in India has become a giant in fashion and styling products. From men to women products, Vega has challenged other electronics manufacturers in the fashion industry and has become an alternative to more renowned brands at a more reasonable price.


  • 3 in 1 hair styler (Straightener, Curler and Crimper )
  • Ceramic coated plates : 30×105 mm
  • Styling Switch – One switch for all style.
  • Easy lock system and 360° Swivel cord.
  • 2 Years Manufacturer Warranty.
  • 32mm barrel for hair curler.
  • Voltage – 220V – 240V

7. Ikonic Hair Straightener – Pro Titanium Shine

Ikonic Professional is a sister concern of Beauty Palace, one of the leading Indian brands for styling, professional beauty and hair products. It caters to the growing professional salon market of India.


  • Wider plates for styling all types of hair.
  • 10 second heat up time.
  • Titanium coated floating plates.
  • Led display.
  • Adjustable temperature – 130 °C to 230 °C.

8. Philips Hair Straightener Brush: Philips BHH880/10 Heated Straightening Brush

Another of Philip’ products, the straightening brush is an innovation towards fashion and styling.


  • Tourmaline ceramic coating for shiny, smooth, frizz-free hair.
  • Thermo protect technology which maintains even temperature across the brush to prevent overheating.
  • 2 temperature settings 170°C & 200°C.
  • Triple bristle design gently untangles and straightens hair while protecting your scalp from heat.
  • Fast heat-up time – ready to use in 50 seconds.
  • Large Paddle shaped brush to straighten more hair in one go.
  • 1.8M cord for maximum flexibility.

9. Havells Hair Straightener and Curler: HC4045 5 in 1 Multi Styling Kit

From fans to styling options, Havells is reliable and meant for the Indian audience.


  • 2 year Guarantee
  • 24 hour home service.
  • Ceramic coated plates.
  • Highest temperature is 190 degree Celsius. Voltage-(100-240) V
  • Perfect results with minimal damage to the hair.
  • ON/OFF power button for convenient operation.
  • Cool Insulated Tip.
  • Included components: Main body, 3 in 1 changeable head, brush comb, conical curler and instruction manual.

10. SYSKA Hair Straightener: HS6810

Syska recently moved into the fashion and styling industry and has created wonders. Reasonable and reliable, Syska is on its way to becoming a household name in India.


  • Ceramic plates for better heating and smooth gliding.
  • Rapid heat up in 60 seconds.
  • Auto-off for over heat protection.
  • Sleek design with lockable handle makes it travel friendly and easy to use.
  • Swivel cord prevents from getting wire tangled.

11. Nova Hair Straightener – NHS 860 Temperature Control, Professional

An upcoming brand, Nova is a legitimate, economical alternative for more expensive brands and gives consumers a helping of professional made, higher specification electronics and devices at a much cheaper price. Nova is a wet to dry straightener and lets you use it for drying out hair while straightening them all at once.

Features :

  • Digital control
  • Ceramic coated plate.
  • Quick heating : 30 seconds
  • Light weight.
  • Auto shut-off feature.
  • Temperature controlled – 4 temperature settings.
  • Precise styling with maximum hair protection.

Best Hair Straightener in India – Buying Guide

Without proper care, your hair is more susceptible to damage and hair fall. As much care as our mothers put in our hair, we can find the best ways to keep our own precious hair safe too. Read through for the guide to buying the best hair straightener in India.

1. Types of Hair Straighteners available in India

With a variety of types and materials being used, hair straighteners can damage certain kind of hair easily if a quick compatibility check is not undertaken.

  • Clamp Flat Iron Straightener: The most basic and popular types of straighteners the clamp flat iron can be customized with different materials and settings. This traditional iron has two plates attached to a single hinge that are then squeezed together to compresses and straighten hair.
  • Ionic Hair Stylist: Ionic flat irons emit negatively charged ions, which while coming in contact with water (which is positively charged) straightens hair as well as drying it out quickly.
  • Wet to Dry Hair Straighteners: Since regular flat irons cause damage when used on wet hair. A simple and straightening on the method is to to use wet to dry straighteners. They work on drying the hair and straightening them altogether. Innovations to make the device more effective has added ventilation holes for steam and even used moving air much akin to a blow dryer to get the job done.
  • Straightening Brush: A straightening brush looks like a traditional brush but with a power cord. Instead of switching from straightener to brush, this device does both jobs in one go, untangling hair while straightening them out. Versions have been created with a flat iron with brush like bristles on both sides acting in a similar way.
  • Hair Straightening Cream: Hair straightening creams are another temporary way to straighten hair. They generally contain a hydrating agent, keratin, shea butter or glycerin amongst many other. Straightening creams are heat activated. To use them at home, simply separate your hair into 3-4 sections, apply the cream from near the roots to the tips of your hair and with the help of a round brush, blow dry them out slowly. Being heat activated, blow drying sets the cream and gives your hair the salon smooth and silky shine you always wanted.

2. Know your hair type

Before getting on to buying the right product, lets talk about what hair type do you belong to. It is very crucial to notice what might suit your hair and what might not. Make a note of your hair type before deciding on which product to choose from.

  • Soft thin hair: Ceramic works best on thin hair since they heat evenly and retain that heat for longer periods of time.
  • Wavy thick hair: Titanium plates work best with thick hair. Titanium heats up to a higher temperature quickly, which is best to provide thick hair with sufficient heat to result in smooth straight hair.
  • Thick curly hair: Tourmaline plates are great against damaged, curly and frizzy hair since tourmaline plates are effective even at lower temperatures.
  • Damaged hair: A hot brush is a smart alternative to a flat iron if you have damaged hair. Even heat distribution with the hot brush ensures sleek and smooth hair with the ease of essentially brushing your hair.

3. Everything to know about Hair Straighteners

  • What a hair straightener does: A Hair Straightener or flat iron, flattens twisted frizzy hair and straightens curly or wavy hair.
  • Materials used: Hair straighteners clamps contain either or a mixture of three materials, ceramic, titanium and tourmaline. Each is for a different kind of hair and retain/gain heat at varying speeds from each other.
  • Width of the straightening plates: Straighteners come in three sizes, small, medium and large. With the small one acceptable for all hair lengths but the large one exclusively for lengthier hair.
  • Temperature settings: A few straighteners in the market come with temperature control, while others are set to a certain limit. Maximum temperature varies due to material used in the clamps, make and size.
  • Compatibility with hair type: Be your hair thin and long, medium and curly or short and frizzy. There is a straightener in a market specially manufactured for you. Look for plate material used, heat settings and size of the straightener.
  • Plate material used: Plate material is important information while buying a straightener. Look into your desired straightener and inform yourself about the material in the plates and choose accordingly.
  • Temperature control: Some straighteners in the market provide temperature control knobs, while the most do not and only have an on/off button. Straighteners also have an average temperature they work at. Keep in mind your hair type and make sure you do not dry your hair out using the wrong straightener.
  • Durability: Cheap straighteners are available in bulk. Since consumers love a good deal, cheaper made straighteners that do more or less the same thing, seem fascinating. Straighteners, however go through rigorous quality procedures, efficiency and safety boosts. A more expensive straightener would generally always mean a better and safer alternative to a much cheaper straightener.
  • Safety and efficiency: Since technology in hair styling is often being renewed and remade, straighteners too are becoming better, more efficient and safer by all regards. Check for overheating possibilities in your desired straightener before making the purchase. Regarding efficiency, heavy straighteners do a quick job but would tire you out sooner, while lighter ones would take longer to get the job done.
  • Heat protection: Before straightening, it is always a good idea to use heat protection oil on your hair. It ensures your hair to loose only the right amount of moisture and prevents permanent hair damage.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about straighteners

How can you straighten your hair at home? and how to use a hair straightener?

There are extravagant salons out there that will help you straighten your hair out for a small fortune. Technology and innovation has brought the hassle of straightening down to its knees and into our homes. For a little sum you can now straighten your hair at home with a simple appliance. Straighteners are easy to find and use. It takes minimal instructions and is a quick way to get desired results.

Are hair straighteners good for hair?

Though a fair argument can be made that straighteners do damage hair in some way or the other, but with correct guidelines and a bit of know how, hair damage can be easily prevented as you use straighteners. Selective knowledge about plate material and what suits your hair type can make a world of difference.

How does a hair straightener work?

Generic plate hair straighteners work on the principle of heat transfer to the hair to soften keratin in the hair to make them temporarily smooth and straight. Two plates connected to a hinge heat up and are then pressed against the hairs to give that smooth silky finish. Straightening brushes use bristles and heat and used as a traditional brush to untangle and straighten hair at the same time.

Are hair straighteners safe?

Frequent use of a straightener often results in dryness and weaker hair. Straighteners work on the principle of burning moisture from the hair to make them straight and set them in place. Extensive use can rob you of the moisture and natural oils in your hair permanently and cause massive damage. Hair straightening when done the right way and amount can help with frizz, but is a major cause of frizz is used extensively coupled with hair loss and dullness, straightening can be counter-intuitive and cause multiple hair problems.

What is the ideal temperature range for thick, thin, frizzy and hair curl types?

Temperature is a varying factor in styling hair. Thin hair should not be treated against more than 180°C, while thicker hair can be subjected to a higher temperature. Being cautious about temperature settings is an important part of hair styling. Use heat protection to ensure hair safety.

Can straight hair become curly?

Hair straightening using a traditional device is temporary. Extensive straightening though can result in permanent loss of curls. Genes are actually responsible for hair style. Dude to massive change in hormones, such as puberty, hair can have a sudden shift from straight to curly and vice versa.

Which flat iron is better ceramic or titanium?

Depending on the hair type, either of the two can be used. Since ceramic does not heat up as much as titanium, ceramic is better used on thin or wavy hair. Titanium is best used on thick hair since it retains more heat and results in a smoother finish. Curly hair is also more susceptible to titanium. Ceramic irons are cheaper than their titanium counterparts.

How to curl hair using a straightener?

You can curl your hair using a round-edged straightener by gripping your hair between the clamps and turning them onto the plates, hold for a few seconds depending on temperature and release.

How do I get rid of frizzy hair?

Straighteners are an efficient way to get rid of frizzy hair. Ionic straighteners and titanium plates are most effective against frizzy hair. Be careful with overuse since the practice can have you lose even more moisture and result in frizzier hair.

Can hair straightener be used on wet hair?

Straighteners heat up quite a bit to function. When using the device on wet hair, the moisture in the hair starts evaporating. This in turn creates even more heat and might result in burns and even permanent hair damage. If you are in a hurry, consider using wet to dry straighteners. They combine the functionalities of a blow dryer and a straightener helping with drying hair out at the same time as straightening them.

What should I apply on my hair before straightening it?

It is highly recommended to heat protect your hair before straightening. High temperatures from the plates release all moisture in the hair and can cause heavy damage. Serum or oils can help with providing extra moisture and protection against damaging temperatures. Natural oils like argan, coconut and almond work best. Using oils and serums after straightening returns moisture to the hair, simply nullifying the straightening procedure altogether.

Are hair straighteners allowed on planes?

Most hair straighteners are allowed on planes, but ones with a butane cartridge are not allowed on checked in luggage. While you can take them as carry-on, until they are in a safety cover since they are a fire hazard.

Are hair straighteners allowed in checked or carry on baggage?

Hair straighteners can be packed in either baggage. Remember to put them in a safety cover or just cover the plates in such a way that they do not burn your belongings and compromise the safety of the flight.

Can hair straightener be used on oily hair?

Hair straighteners can be used on most kinds of hair, given you have done your research about how and what kind of straightener to use (Mentioned above). If you have oily hair, shampoo them well and dry them out before straightening. Do not use a straightener on wet hair (until its a wet to dry straightener) and do not oil the ends of your hair prior to straightening or it will basically fry them. Light oiling before straightening is helpful.

Can hair straighteners be repaired?

Finding a suitable straightener is quite a feat, if it breaks down it only adds to the trauma. A few problems with the straightener can be repaired at home. If the plates are not getting as hot as they were earlier, a little cleaning might do the trick. Taking professional help is recommended. Check the warranty period and see if your straightener can be changed, given its a manufacturing fault and not physical damage.

Does hair straightener work on beards?

Blow drying beard hair, or letting it dry naturally only curls the bread even more. Straighteners with a smaller plate can easily be used on beards and will result in a smoother and silkier beard. The perfect way to straighten a bread is combing it down and slowly blow drying it, switch to a straightener and keep using the comb to untangle your curly beard.


With our busy lives, fashion and styling has been slipping from salons and clothing stores into our homes itself. The internet has changed how we shop and innovative devices has taken over our stylist and salons. With such innovations comes the need for knowledge on how to properly use such devices and take care of our own assets. The best hair straightener in India and their use and features have been noted down.

Do you want straight smooth hair? Try out our picks from the best of the best and watch yourself transform.

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