Beauty Benefits Of Coconut Oil – Complete Guide

Coconut oil is a natural product, rich in nutrients. It has effective antioxidant properties to fight skin aging and hydrate skin & hair. In addition, it is also widely used in the culinary field. Let’s find out what are the beauty benefits of coconut oil.

Thanks to its innumerable properties, coconut oil has been considered the best skin care product for millennia. The ace in the sleeve of coconut oil is undoubtedly lauric acid, which, together with other saturated fats, is the most important nutrient of the perfumed beauty elixir.

Lauric acid has an antibacterial function and protects the skin from germs, bacteria and fungi. Even in high quality processed beauty products, lauric acid is contained in a percentage that is around 60%.

Coconut oil in its natural state hydrates the skin and protects it from toxic substances. It regulates the acid-base balance of the skin and thus prevents aging. Organic oil can also be applied to abrasions or cut wounds to speed up the healing process.

Coconut oil for skincare


The skin is the largest sense organ of the whole human body, with a surface area of ​​up to 2 square meters. The protective casing of our body has a sophisticated monitoring system and multiple functions. Experience has shown us that coconut oil is an excellent nutrient suitable for providing natural protection and regular care for our skin.

After all, organic quality coconut oil is an absolutely natural product, without aromas or other harmful industrial additives and with its natural nutrients it is a cosmetic product that promotes the well-being of the skin. This is mainly due to the important fatty acids and the antibacterial effect of the oil. Pure or as part of a homemade cosmetic,

Coconut oil against acne and skin impurities


Coconut oil can be a great support for fighting acne and boils. The problem of skin impurities persecutes many people not only during puberty, but can also appear at other stages of life or even become a lasting disorder. The effect of coconut oil against boils and acne is given by the antibacterial property of lauric acid. Other nutrients of coconut oil act as anti-inflammatories and help to quickly eradicate the inflammatory outbreak.

To treat impure skin or acne with coconut oil, pure organic coconut oil can be applied directly to the affected skin. During use, make sure that the affected skin area does not come into contact with bacteria and impurities. For this purpose, you can use a clean cotton pad, a cotton swab or your hands, provided they have been washed thoroughly beforehand.

Coconut oil for soft skin


Coconut oil gives a real moisturizing touch to the skin and enriches it with precious healing substances that help create a velvety soft sensation. It is very effective especially on parts of the body that need regular hydration, such as elbows or knees.

Melt the coconut oil on your hands and apply it for example once a week on these parts of the body. As a basis for a homemade body butter, coconut oil is an ideal product. Butter is excellent as a cream to be applied after a shower or as a tonic cure in the winter months or after long exposure to the sun.

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Coconut oil against warts


Due to its size and its protective function, the skin also offers a large attack surface and is daily exposed to new pathogens. To protect and protect it from such attacks, coconut oil can be used with excellent results. The warts at the bottom are almost completely harmless, but they are often very annoying. And especially in areas in plain view, such as on the hands, they are not very beautiful to look at.

Coconut oil can be used as a therapeutic support against warts, both as a prevention and in the case of fully formed warts. In particularly risky environments, such as in a swimming pool or in a sauna, especially if you walk barefoot, coconut oil can be applied after showering on hands and feet as an antiviral protection.

If you already have a wart, you can directly apply coconut oil to the affected area. Also, in this case it is necessary to make sure that your hands are well cleaned and disinfected or alternatively use a clean cotton swab. Finally, it would be advisable to cover the affected part with a plaster. In case of stubborn warts, a tincture of tea tree oil and coconut oil may help.

Coconut oil as a deodorant


Thanks to its antibacterial lauric acid, coconut oil can also be used perfectly as a deodorant. It counteracts the proliferation of bacteria responsible for bad odor and has a pleasant sweet scent that immediately brings to mind exotic images of palm trees and remote beaches. Itching and irritation of the armpits can be alleviated with the precious coconut oil, for example after shaving.

Coconut oil as after sun cure


Coconut oil is fantastic as a cure after long exposure to the sun. Just apply it abundantly on the whole body. In this way, the skin relaxes and hydrates, making the tan stay longer. In the case of mild sunburn, coconut oil is an excellent means of relieving heartburn. Coconut oil causes redness and irritation to heal faster and provides the necessary hydration so that the skin does not start to flake.

Coconut oil against dry skin


From experience we know that coconut oil softens the skin and provides it with the necessary hydration. Precisely in the case of dry skin and subject parts of the body, coconut oil with its healing effects can be a fabulous cosmetic product. This is due to the minerals, fatty acids and valuable antioxidants contained in the oil.

Even for tired feet, coconut oil is a real godsend. In the evening, just rub your feet abundantly with oil, wear cotton socks and during sleep your feet will become soft like velvet. If the shoe is too tight or you have been dancing all night, a long and relaxing foot massage is just what you need. Then use coconut oil as a massage oil and apply it abundantly on the feet, giving yourself a relaxing break.

Coconut oil on scars


Applied and smeared on recent scars, the oil can speed up the healing process and help the skin regenerate faster, making the scar less noticeable. Many valuable nutrients promote a rapid healing process. Among these are the B vitamins and in particular vitamin E. Thanks to the high content of natural fats, the scar tissue is treated so that it hardens less and instead remains soft and elastic.

Coconut oil for wound healing


Coconut oil with its active ingredients can support healing and accelerate the healing process. It is particularly suitable for abrasions or cuts. Thanks to its antibacterial, antiviral and fungicide properties, it protects against infections and supports the healing process. With its valuable fatty acids and its healing properties, it can help reduce the formation of a permanent scar following an injury.

Coconut oil against cellulite and stretch marks


There is no woman who does not find herself struggling with annoying cellulite, also commonly called orange peel skin. Coconut oil can make the skin more elastic and firmer. The long-term connective tissue structure is strengthened. Coconut oil provides the skin surface with hydration and precious minerals. The skin tissue is refined and the skin becomes smoother, so that it is also more flexible and uniform. In the case of regular and long-lasting use, coconut oil can help prevent cellulite.

A very frequent problem is also represented by stretch marks, which can occur for example following significant increases or decreases in weight. Coconut oil acts against stretch marks in a similar way to how it acts against cellulite. Used regularly, coconut oil provides the skin with elasticity which helps prevent stretch marks from forming. For this purpose, therefore, regularly apply coconut oil on the skin in case of weight fluctuations or during pregnancy. Coconut oil can help improve skin tissue even in the case of existing stretch marks.

Coconut oil for the face


The unique combination of the active ingredients of the scented oil is ideal for face care. The face is probably one of the most important parts of the human body and also the one to which more attention is paid. It is dominant for the first impression and for communication and determines our external appearance.

Since the face skin, unlike the rest of the body, is not protected by clothing, it is continuously exposed to external agents. Among these are UV rays, wind, dry heating air and all other environmental factors. For this reason, it is important to take care of your face very carefully and protect it regularly and carefully. Coconut oil therefore represents an ideal natural care for the skin. Provided, however, that it is a virgin organic coconut oil and not an industrial coconut oil.

Coconut oil against skin impurities and blackheads


Many people have oily skin with enlarged pores, tending to impurities. Coconut oil can act against skin impurities and blackheads. This is due to the valuable nutrients contained in coconut oil, in particular the large amount of natural lauric acid. It has been scientifically proven several times that lauric acid is an effective and natural agent against viruses, bacteria and fungi.

After a thorough cleaning you can have a relaxing facial massage, applying a small amount of coconut oil directly on the impurities. Apply virgin coconut oil also quietly on the neck and décolleté, if the skin tends to fill up with impurities and blackheads also in these points.

Coconut oil against boils and acne


Many people suffer from acne and boils not only during puberty, but also in adulthood. Particularly annoying is when certain inflammations leave traces on the skin, such as pigmentation disorders or scars. Coconut oil, thanks to the large amount of lauric acid, can act as a means against boils and acne. Boils are actually small inflammations.

With its antimicrobial properties, coconut oil can help limit inflammation, soothe the affected part and treat it permanently. In the case of boils, coconut oil can be applied directly to the affected area. For the application it is necessary to wash your hands thoroughly or use a clean cotton swab. Otherwise there is a risk that bacteria or other harmful substances come into contact with the skin.

Coconut oil as anti-wrinkle

When looking in the mirror in the morning, wrinkles can really put you in a bad mood. The cosmetic industry promises to alleviate the problem with countless tablets and preparations at exorbitant prices. However, certain products have been created industrially and often contain artificial substances. This increases the risk of unwanted side effects, such as allergies or intolerances. A danger that in the case of natural cosmetic products is highly unlikely. Sooner or later the effects of time are visible on all of us, but coconut oil can be used as a natural means against wrinkles, to reduce or prevent them.

The precious substances contained in coconut oil are a natural ally against wrinkles. Among these we find a large amount of vitamin complexes, minerals and nutrients. Particularly effective against wrinkles are antioxidants and lauric acid. These two substances firmly strengthen the skin and make it soft. With a rich care of vitamins and the right hydration, the skin remains elastic and the formation of wrinkles can be countered. To use coconut oil against wrinkles, spread a small amount on the affected skin. It would be ideal to repeat this procedure several times a week, after washing your face or before going to sleep. In fact, coconut oil can act against wrinkles at night.

Coconut oil against dark circles


Dark circles are an annoying imperfection, caused by the heavy days and the tiring weeks of our life. Too much stress, little sleep, illnesses or unbridled celebrations: in these cases, the dark circles are included in the package. In addition to relaxation, restful sleeps and cooling packs, you can also try to contrast dark circles with coconut oil. The skin around our eyes is very sensitive and thin.

For this reason, aggressive products should be avoided and natural products should be preferred instead. Coconut oil also lends itself to being applied to areas around the eyes. Spread coconut oil on clean fingers and apply it in the area under the eyes. By exerting a light pressure with the fingertips, the oil substances are absorbed faster and promote circulation for a fresher skin.

Coconut oil for eyelashes


Eyelashes are a beautiful and natural frame for our eyes. For a particularly expressive look it is important that they are thick and supple. It is especially women who resort to cosmetics that make the lashes appear darker and longer and for this purpose, apply mascara daily or use the eyelash curler to give the perfect shape. But eyelashes, just like our hair, can be damaged by such treatments and become brittle. For this reason, regular eyelash care is also very important.

A gentle and deep cleaning of the eyelashes in the evening is essential. Mascara residues can otherwise harden the eyelashes, causing them to bend and break during the night. Regular use of coconut oil keeps lashes soft and supple and supplies them with strengthening nutrients and vitamins. Just dissolve a small amount of coconut oil between your thumb and forefinger and then apply it carefully on the lash line. For optimal eyelash care, coconut oil should be used for a lasting period of time several times a week.

Coconut oil against herpes


Many people suffer from chronic, unpleasant and unsightly herpes infections. Cold sores mainly occur around the mouth, but can also appear in other areas of the face or body. Herpes is highly contagious, for others, but above all for ourselves. With a simple touch, herpes can also spread to other parts of the body. For this reason, in the case of herpes it is necessary to take a rapid and effective action against the virus.

Thanks to the antibacterial action of coconut oil, the latter can also be used against herpes. For external use of the oil against herpes, apply it on the affected and inflamed area. Make sure it is applied with a clean cotton swab, or with clean hands, which should be washed again after use.

Coconut oil as a make-up remover


Coconut oil can be used as a gentle and natural make-up remover. It is also ideal for the eye area, since virgin oil does not contain artificial substances that can damage or irritate the skin. To use coconut oil as a natural make-up remover, just melt a nut between your fingers, apply it on your face and remove it with a soft cloth or cotton pad. A nice side effect: the rich healing properties of coconut oil make other beauty treatments unnecessary, such as the use of moisturizers.

Coconut oil for lip care


Especially in winter the lips are often fragile and rough. Coconut oil can also be used to obtain soft and velvety lips. Just spread coconut oil between your fingers and apply it to your lips. The antibacterial action of coconut oil can also help prevent annoying viral herpes.

The advantage of coconut oil for lip care is that it also performs a nourishing function. If you lick your lips during the day, parabens or silicones will not be taken, but only healthy and natural coconut oil. Held in a small container, the natural lip balm for a velvety skin will always be at hand.

Coconut oil as an aftershave


Even for men with sensitive skin, coconut oil can give a pleasant touch of soothing freshness after shaving. Used as an aftershave, coconut oil provides with its nutrients and vitamins the hydration necessary for the skin. The soothing and anti-inflammatory substances make the skin soft and relaxed, without irritation and redness.

Coconut oil for a healthy and dazzling smile


Brushing your teeth regularly is important to keep your teeth and gums free of dangerous bacteria. These aggressive germs, after all, are responsible for the development of various diseases, such as periodontal and caries, and in the worst case, even tooth loss. Surely you know different types of synthetic toothpastes and mouthwashes. But are they really necessary? Wouldn’t you rather prefer to use natural products, which, as has been shown, protect the flora of the oral cavity or even regenerate it? Then coconut oil should become an integral part of your daily dental care.

The growing consumption of sugary foods, combined with a relatively low nutrient diet, causes many people’s efforts to prevent tooth decay to become less and less successful. Even with the most complete dental care, the flora of the oral cavity loses its balance and the defenses are lowered. This creates a particularly favorable environment for bacteria. Their rapid proliferation causes inflammation of the gums and damages the enamel.

Some studies have shown that the main components of coconut oil, caprylic and lauric acid, can significantly reduce the risk of tooth decay. This occurs thanks to the excellent antibacterial and antiseptic properties.

Although coconut oil, unlike industrial toothpaste products, does not contain chemical agents, it still prevents the harmful effects caused by bacteria.

Scientists have also discovered that coconut oil in its natural state has extraordinary anti-inflammatory properties. As a result, it also prevents all gum problems in a gentle and natural way.

For a healthy and dazzling smile Ayurvedic medicine has been recommending so-called oil rinses with pure coconut oil for shiny teeth and healthy gums for millennia. Keep it well in your mouth about a tablespoon of oil and do it Switch to well on your teeth for a few minutes. Finally rinse vigorously. The oil absorbs germs and harmful substances and also has the ability to make teeth white and shiny.

If the oil rinses are unpleasant, alternatively you can dip your toothbrush in coconut oil from time to time and AFTER brushing your teeth brush them with a little oil. Then rinse with a little water.

Beneficial foot massages with coconut oil


For tired feet, virgin coconut oil is a real boon. After a long day at work or after dancing all night, a relaxing foot massage with coconut oil is just what you need. The feet are a kind of body map. There are important points, which can be stimulated with a relaxing massage, generating positive effects on the rest of the body.

In addition, coconut oil supplies dry and rough feet with essential vitamins and nutrients. The feet become soft and velvety, the rough and unsightly parts are now a thing of the past. Together with a relaxing touch, the feet also receive a real beauty treatment. A foot massage with coconut oil is particularly effective if you receive it from your partner!

Foot peeling with coconut oil


To keep your feet in shape for open shoes and to fight dry and rough skin, you can prepare a coconut oil peel very easily. Mix virgin organic coconut oil and sugar, for example organic coconut blossom sugar, and rub your feet vigorously with the mixture obtained. With the peeling, the fragments of dead skin are eliminated and the feet are soft and thoroughly cleaned.

With a natural and healthy peeling, a beneficial care of dry skin is provided and an ecologically sustainable cosmetic product is used without adding plastics, which otherwise would end up undisturbed in the sewers.

Body massages with coconut oil


This is pure relaxation: a long body massage with virgin organic coconut oil. Coconut oil reaches its melting point at room temperature. In contact with the skin, it gently dissolves, becoming an excellent massage oil. The fabulous coconut scent involves all the senses.

Inhale the scent and, during the massage, explore remote tropical beaches with your thoughts. Coconut oil pampers the skin by providing it with the necessary hydration, valuable vitamins and nutrients. Helps the skin to remain elastic and creates a natural protective screen.

Coconut oil as a natural moisturizer


Used as a body care product, coconut oil gives an absolute note of freshness and hydration. Our skin is always grateful to us for an extra touch of hydration. Coconut oil contains many valuable healing substances and many minerals. Natural vegetable fat is the optimal moisturizer for all skin types. In case of dry, irritated or scaly skin, coconut oil is an excellent soothing.

In the case of sensitive skin, which tends to allergies or redness, natural coconut oil without additives can relieve irritation and reduce redness. Coconut oil naturally cures and protects normal and combination skin. The oil can be applied to the affected areas or spread to form a thin uniform screen over the entire skin.

After bathing or showering, smeared on warm and still wet skin, coconut oil acts as a body lotion. It takes a few minutes to completely absorb. Natural moisturizing coconut oil is a cure-all for the skin and the floral scent of coconut spoils all the senses. The oil can also be used as an after-sun after long exposure to sunlight. It exerts a soothing and refreshing action on sun-kissed skin. Even our hair requires an extra portion of care and hydration. Coconut oil is a wealth for hair care. It supplies them with vital nutrients and makes hair healthy and shiny, beautiful to show.

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