Haircut According to Face Shape: A Guide to Perfect Hair-dos

A good haircut can transform your looks significantly, while a bad one can make you look homeless. Just Beauty Guide tells you how to get a Haircut According to Face Shape.

Your haircut heavily depends on the shape of your face. It can enhance how you look, or completely mess it up. It is crucial to make sure you get something that, firstly you are comfortable with, and secondly that looks good on you.

Haircut According to Face Shape

A haircut defines a lot about you. You could look extremely appealing if you get the right haircut for your face. It is necessary to keep in mind the shape of your face to make sure you emphasize on your stronger features and help accentuate them, while helping your softer features look aesthetic.

Here are the best Haircut According to Face Shape.

A Guide to Perfect Hair-dos

  • Rectangle Face : You must opt for more balanced hairstyles to not further elongate your face. Too much distinction between the sides and the top of your hair might look unappealing. A slicked back or a man bun would work perfectly with your face shape. Remember to not add too much volume. For Women, a soft layered cut with waves and curls, bangs and high buns work perfectly. Try styling your hair according to your preference to elaborate your stronger features.
  • Oval Face : Given that most hairstyles suit this face shape, you can go with your own personal preference to style your hair. A quiff, maybe modernized cuts or even voluminous pompadours work really well. Even shoulder length hair and a bald head would look great on an oval shaped face. Women could opt for long locks or a short crop. If you like short hair, a bob or a lob with quite layers will look great. Opt for minimal layers or waves and curls if you like longer hair.
  • Square Face : You have to put that strong jawline to work. An undercut, or any other hairstyle with a lot of volume with emphasize that jawline and pull out your distinctive features. A more classical edge also goes great with a square face. For Women, a cut that softens stronger features is essential. For your your bone structure, consider a side-parted style or long and airy layers.
  • Heart Face : Keeping your hair in proportion to your features is a must. You have to balance out the top of your head to the bottom. Making sure your chin doesn’t appear narrow would work well with a fringe or a quiff, Use less product to ensure you are getting proportionate angles. Women should aim to balance their face shape with a haircut that decreases their brow width. A long side-swept cut paired with waves or curls would look particularly chic.
  • Diamond Face : A side-part is going to do you absolute miracles. Messy and textured hair also complements your hairstyle and brings out your facial features. Fringes also help with bringing out your cheekbones, making you look pretty damn aesthetic. Ladies should aim to soften their sharp angles and balance out their cheekbones. Maybe consider a medium or long layered cut with waves. Also, a chin-length bob will work great with your face shape.
  • Round Face : Given the lack of shape and dimensions in your face, you hair must fulfill that part. Create angles and try a hairstyle with longer proportions, giving that much needed dimensions to your face. A side part could also work, but might look a little more mature, if you want to go for that look. For Women, long layered and pixie cuts tend to look great. For a layered cut, choose long and staggered layers and add a short side fringe for a more elegant look.


Making sure an appropriate haircut elaborates your favorable features, while concealing larger dimensions is a must. Your face is what people tend to judge you by in matters of first impressions. It boils down to you getting the perfect haircut with regards to your face shape to look absolutely wonderful. Haircuts are plenty and difficult to choose from, we get it. But there is a basic thumb rule as to which hairstyle would go best with a certain face shape. Just Beauty Guide tells you how to get a Haircut According to Face Shape.

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