How to make hair grow faster – 15 tips & tricks

Fixing a wrong cut or getting back to long hair after regretting a haircut that is too short is not an impossible task.

Surely there are no miracles but effective ways to grow hair fast, even after a disastrous cut or an unmanageable too short bang. Taking care of the scalp, stimulating circulation to facilitate the opening of the follicles and introducing healthy nutrition into your habits are just some of the steps to achieve faster hair growth.

There are several factors that can affect hair regrowth times: lifestyle, healthy diet, sex and age are just some of them. On average, hair grows about 1mm per day and the best solution to get longer hair in less time is to learn how to take care of the follicles and scalp. How?

How to make hair grow faster?

These 15 tricks on growing hair quickly will answer many doubts and questions, provide ideas on how to facilitate hair growth and reveal all the good and healthy habits to follow to have a long, healthy and strong hair.

Before resorting to do-it-yourself solutions or not entirely reliable remedies, you need to collect all the necessary information and find out about the most effective methods to stimulate hair growth.

There are certainly some things to avoid if you want to stimulate faster hair growth and care for your hair to make it grow faster and healthier. If on the one hand you have to eliminate the bad daily habits that damage the scalp, weakening it, on the other hand it is good to know all the tricks that serve to nourish the hair and strengthen it.

Massage the scalp

While shampooing, it is good to massage the scalp with the fingertips by applying light pressure. It promotes proper blood circulation, stimulates hair growth and takes care of your hair in a relaxing way. This trick is used to open the follicles, to activate the microcirculation and therefore to make the hair regenerate more quickly.

Furthermore, it is always better to avoid too frequent washing: a bad habit that is too widespread that negatively affects hair growth. It becomes even worse if products used contain silicones or substances that are too aggressive for the skin. Therefore it is advisable to reduce washing to 2 maximum 3 times a week.

Improve your eating habits

A right diet combined with the correct integration of some foods promotes hair growth in a short time.

Here is a short list of foods that help fast regrowth: chicken, lentils, peas, eggs and milk to accelerate hair growth; lemon, kiwi, orange, parsley help the circulation of the scalp; olive seed oil and walnuts instead promote microcirculation.

Help yourself with supplements and vitamins

Proper nutrition can also be combined with the intake of supplements and vitamins (attention: they are not a substitute for food). In general, the vitamins that benefit hair are: vitamin A, vitamin E, C, B5 and B6. Furthermore, iron and mineral salts (magnesium, zinc and copper) are excellent allies for long hair.

Silk pillow

Using a silk pillowcase is a trick not only for the hair, but also for the skin, which not everyone knows yet. This very delicate fabric has an essential feature for hair care: it does not absorb sebum. In this way the hair will not only be softer and visibly appear shinier but the scalp and follicles will be able to breathe during the night.

Do not suffocate the hair at night, it favors microcirculation and hydration of the skin. Silk = circulation = hydrated hair = healthy hair = faster hair growth.

Reducing stress helps hair grow

The stress hormone is often thought to cause hair to weaken. In fact, the increase in stressful periods negatively affects the follicles, slows hair growth and above all weakens the scalp, also causing hair loss.

Fighting stress and eliminating its causes is not naturally easy, but there can be daily practices that can positively affect women’s mood and help manage stress.

Reducing the negative impact it has on the body and mind also has positive effects on hair growth which will be facilitated and certainly faster. In particularly debilitating periods it can be useful to take supplements that support the body in stressful moments that can have repercussions on the body.

Drink lots of water

Hydration is important. In fact, drinking a lot of water not only brings benefits to the body, such as decreasing water retention or eliminating dry skin, but also helps hair by moisturizing & strengthening it and reducing its growth times. The result? Longer hair in less time.

It is therefore advisable to combine 2 liters of water a day with the other tricks to make hair grow quickly.

Cold water for rinsing

Among the tricks to facilitate hair growth and get long and flowing hair faster there is a very simple and fast step: the hair must be rinsed with cold water.

After shampooing and any other treatments (conditioner, mask, etc.), the final rinse must be carried out with cold water. This trick helps the hair, prevents it from weakening and above all prevents stress caused by temperature changes following washing.

Brush your hair

Another ally of hair growth is the brush. In fact it is a good habit to brush your hair frequently, comb it carefully without exerting excessive pressure (doing so would have the opposite effect: broken hair). Doing it assiduously leads to a result similar to that of scalp massage: increased circulation and therefore faster growth. Well brushed hair is healthier and shinier.

Keep the hair dryer at a safe distance while using

No direct or too close heat should be applied to the hair. The reason is the one just described: thermal shock risk for the hair. This would lead to a fragility of the hair, favoring a faster fall rather than faster growth.
If you want to obtain longer hair in a short time and above all strong and voluminous, you need to use some small precautions like keeping the hair dryer away (about 10cm from the hair) and not using it at maximum power or the highest temperature.

Protect your hair

Hair should always be protected from cold temperatures. In winter it is recommended to cover them with wool hats or soft caps. Even during the hot summer season it is a good habit to protect them from direct sunlight using a scarf, a sarong or maybe a bandana.

In this way the hair is well protected from the disastrous effects of temperatures and remains stronger and less subjected to falling.

Cut them frequently

Yes, contrary to popular belief, cutting hair often leads to faster growth. The hair grows faster by eliminating split ends which normally slow down its regrowth. Even your hairstylist will confirm that shortening the tips more frequently will achieve the desired result.

Ultimately, cutting the hair often helps to give strength to the hair, strengthens and invigorates it and is therefore a healthy habit that should be followed if you want to promote hair growth.

Natural products to grow hair

Some methods to grow hair naturally nourish the follicles and skin properly and facilitate faster growth of the hair. There are some very effective products such as castor oil, aloe vera masks, rosemary or white vinegar rinses.

Another natural remedy to accelerate hair growth is to dye the hair with henna, this product that’s used a lot as a natural remedy for white hair, strengthens the hair and stimulates its growth.

Balm always with you

Every time you shampoo (no more than three times a week if you want to keep your hair healthy) combine a good conditioner to be used immediately after and before any mask. As mentioned, there are some ingredients that stimulate growth more easily: coconut oil, olive oil, aloe vera and more.

Masks and weekly treatments

If you want to stimulate hair growth and get good results in a short time, you need to treat your hair with natural treatments and masks: at least once a week. In this way you will get a healthy, flowing and shiny hair.

Some treatments can help achieve the goal: healthy, long hair. Fenugreek and egg masks are two very useful and very simple remedies that can be applied to the hair once a week.

Fenugreek treatment (pre-shampoo)

Also known as methi, fenugreek is a hair care ingredient you should always have in your pantry. In fact, being a natural herb rich in phytoestrogens, vitamins, proteins and mineral salts, it is an excellent remedy to make hair grow faster, moisturize it, add volume, give shine and reduce the risk of falling.

Fenugreek is available in both powder and seeds and, in both cases, must be hydrated before applying to the hair (no more than 12 hours).

  • Fenugreek powder (1 tablespoon)
  • Hot water (300 grams) – it is advisable to add it a little at a time as the quantity can change depending on the origin of the product
  • Preparation time: 20 minutes
  • 2 hours of rest

The consistency must be the same as a custard, fluid but not liquid. Once prepared, it should be carefully applied to the hair, massaged and left for about 30 min. Be careful not to overdo the timing otherwise you will get the opposite effect. This fenugreek mask is also ideal for those with oily hair.

Egg mask (pre-shampoo)

Inevitable ally in the kitchen and trusted friend for hair care, the egg has beneficial properties and helps accelerate hair growth, speeding up the times. That is why eggs are among the most used ingredients in the preparation of natural remedies to strengthen hair.

  • 1 egg
  • 1 tablespoon of olive oil
  • 1 teaspoon of honey
  • Preparation time: 5 minutes

These three elements combined help speed up hair growth. After beating the egg for a few seconds, add olive oil and honey and mix everything for a couple of minutes. Once you have the mask to grow your hair, just apply it, massage for a few minutes and keep it on for 10 minutes.

Naturally, masks and natural treatments must be done at least once a week to achieve the desired long hair effect.

NO to pulled hairstyles

Of course it does not mean that collected hair is forbidden, but that pulling it excessively and too frequently contributes to its weakening and falling out. One of the most disastrous effects of this bad habit can be traction alopecia.


Growing hair in a short time is not an impossible challenge. It’s quite the opposite! To get results in a short time you need to take care of your hair and skin, use products that accelerate their growth and above all include some small and simple practices in your habits, including food.

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