Everything you need to know about red lipstick

One of the best-selling lipsticks ever is the red one; Hollywood divas, movie stars and red carpet models still opt for this cosmetic which is much more than a normal accessory, but a real style icon. Who wouldn’t want to feel like a diva for one night? 

Let’s enter the magical world of red lipsticks, discovering their different characteristics and observing how the final effect changes on different skin types.

The Red

The first thing to underline is that red, in its shades, looks good on everyone; it is not strange to see red lips on light or dark complexions, on blond or brown hair, on fleshy or thin mouths. It is therefore an evergreen that everyone can indulge in and that is able to enhance every face. However, the shades of red are many, as are the possible finishes and textures.

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A first distinction in fact is that, common to all lipsticks, between matt, opaque, and creamy and liquid finish. Very plump lips, which already dare with a red lipstick, will have to avoid too shiny and creamy textures, because the final effect could be not very refined. Go ahead instead for this type for thin mouths that need shape and character, something not easily reachable with opaque and not very incisive finishes. In fact, the fluid textures create interesting plays of light, able to make the lips seem larger.

Be careful, in both cases, not to stain your teeth with color; in fact, mouth movements or food may place part of the pigment on the teeth, an eventuality that cannot be ruled out but which should be avoided. A tip to avoid this little unexpected is either to choose long-lasting formulations, which after a few minutes create a sort of film so as not to disperse, or to dab the lips with powder, which performs roughly the same function.


The difficulty of red lipstick lies precisely in knowing how to delineate the shape and outline of the mouth well, without the color coming out of the margins and without the final effect being inaccurate or smudged. For this it can be useful a lip pencil, of the same color and to put before the lipstick or a brush, to facilitate and make the application more delineated. There are also transparent pencils on the market; in fact, once the outline has been outlined with one of these, the lipstick will tend to follow its trend and not go further.

Furthermore, with the use of auxiliary cosmetics of this type, the pigments penetrate better into the skin and the lipstick will tend to last longer and maintain a bright color throughout the evening.

When to wear it

We always talk about red lipstick for important occasions or elegant evenings; however it is an accessory that can also be used during the day, as long as certain precautions are followed. First of all it is possible to vary the intensity; if in the evening you opt for an intense and charged color, during the day you can simply dab the color on the lips in order to accentuate the natural color without exaggerating.

Another aspect that greatly changes the final effect of those who wear a red lipstick is obviously also the eye makeup; the rule has it that with loaded eyes, perhaps with smooky eyes on black or marc, the lips must be clear, naked; therefore red is more suited to a more natural eye make-up, which highlights the look perhaps with mascara and a thin line of eyeliner, but which does not go beyond this. The risk is to have too heavy, out of place or excessive makeup.

Which and how to choose

We now come to the long list of colors to choose from. There are no particular indications regarding the skin tone; of course, on a light or medium-light complexion the effect will certainly be in contrast and will immediately recall great divas of the past such as the very blonde Marylin Monroe. However, even an olive complexion can benefit from a product of this type and this is where the issue of undertone comes in. 

In fact, we know that fair skin can have a warm undertone, characterized by veins on green, or cold, characterized by veins on blue and we also know that people of the first type will be better off with golden jewels, while accessories are more suitable for the second category. on silver. In this sense, then, even the color of the lipstick must follow this rule, but how to tell if a red is hot or cold?

First of all, it is possible to identify a neutral, scarlet red, the typical one of a lacquered nail or of the famous Valentino clothing.

Except for this case, hot and cold reds are distinguished by the color used to obtain them, in addition to scarlet red. A warm red will typically be orange in its lighter version, and will tend to brown in its darker version; a cold red, on the other hand, will turn to shades of magenta, strawberry or pomace depending on whether more or less dark shades are required.

The market offers all these variants, each still different according to the formulation from which it is composed, the duration, the consistency and its cost. You just have to choose the best for you, first trying and then experimenting; do not be afraid to dare and use your fingertips, at the time of purchase, to be able to bring your hand to your mouth and have a clearer idea of ​​what the final effect could be.

As you may have understood, therefore, there is no basic rule to decide which is the best red lipstick ; the yield will still be very beautiful and intense and the perfect match will be the one that best responds to the characteristics we have listed. Remember to pay attention to its application, its texture and the circumstance in which you want to show it off.


One of the longest-lasting cosmetics that will never go out of fashion is certainly red lipstick. Since they are not all the same, in this article we have how to choose the right one!

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