Tips and tricks to apply lipstick perfectly

It can happen to everyone to have a very bright lipstick, an intense red or a fuchsia, but not knowing how to apply it. Stained teeth, inaccurate edges or unsightly smudges can in fact turn your favorite cosmetic into an instrument of torture! 

How to apply lipstick perfectly?

Don’t panic; some steps may not be simple, but with a little practice and the right advice you will surely be able to have velvety lips and precise and well-defined color application. 


First of all, it is important to prepare the lips for applying the lipstick; it is an often underestimated step, but very important for the color to be well applied, precise and above all lasting. Therefore, always take care to exfoliate your lips; you can use specific products on the market or make a delicate scrub with all natural ingredients such as honey, yogurt or sugar. In this way you are able to remove skin and dead cells that could contribute to making the final effect uneven or tending to dry out.

Once this is done you need to moisturize your lips; this step is essential if you want to opt for a matte finish lipstick, but it is also very important if you want to apply a creamy product. The only precaution to keep in mind is to not overdo the quantity, so as not to create residues, and to avoid products with a high oily component, which could interfere with the formulation of the lipstick itself.

A last step before the actual application is to use a veil of foundation, the one you usually use on your skin; in fact, it is important to uniform the color of the skin to that of the lips, so that there is greater contrast between it and that of the lipstick. Use your fingertips or a brush and don’t overdo the quantity.


At this point you are ready to apply the color; the ideal thing would always be to use a lip pencil that serves to outline the contours and can therefore serve as a guide when you find yourself applying the lipstick. The colors don’t need to match perfectly; it is rather fundamental that the colors are chromatically similar and that it is possible to blend the outline so that the final effect is as homogeneous as possible.

So in front of a dark lipstick it is advisable to opt for a similar shade or a little darker, ideal for giving a matte finish, very refined and elegant.

For nude lipsticks, on the other hand, we recommend pencils of the shade of the lipstick itself or of the foundation chosen as a base. In this case, in fact, it is not important that the colors are exactly the same, it is rather important that the outlines are well defined so that the application is as precise as possible.

The application of the lipstick can take place directly or with the aid of a brush in the latter case, always take care to clean it thoroughly and use one for each lipstick, if possible, so that the colors do not mix and the color you get on the lips is always sharp and clearly distinguishable.

Always start from the center and leave the margins as the last step, proceed with small movements so as not to make mistakes and always work symmetrically, so as to make sure that the final shape is the right one.


Wait a few minutes and possibly proceed with a new application; it is important that each layer is well dried, so that the color penetrates deeply and does not yield at the first bite or at the first movement.

In fact, to ensure a sufficient seal, it is not only important to choose the right formulation, but also to carry out some small precautions that will help to prevent the pigment from being easily released on food or glasses. Once the last layer is dry, in fact, place one of the veils of a common napkin or handkerchief on the lips. Then take your favorite face powder and pat it on the handkerchief itself; the underlying color will not change in any way, but the fixing power of the powder will act to ensure greater hold.

Some advice

Another inconvenience that can be encountered when wearing a very bright lipstick, especially if it is creamy, is to leave a part of it on the teeth during a conversation. This happens when a part of it remains in the inner area of ​​the mouth; before leaving the house therefore, use a handkerchief or toilet paper and squeeze them between your lips in order to remove the excess amount.

At this point you are ready to go out, but what if you also want to partially change the shape of your lips? The preventive application of a foundation is also useful in this; in fact, with the pencil, you can go to delimit the outline or just above, or just below the real margin. In this way you can enlarge or decrease the shape, even if slightly, while still following its natural profile. 

If you add to this the volume problem, there are other tricks you can take advantage of. First of all, a small and not very voluminous mouth is enhanced by bright colors and a creamy finish; this way the light will create an optical illusion aimed at making the lips appear much larger. But a further way to enlarge the mouth is to apply a lipstick of a lighter tone only in the central part, blending it carefully in order to obtain a uniform and gradual effect.

Also remember that eye shadows are also an extra detail for applying lipstick; they can be used to mattify a too creamy finish or to darken a shade that we think is too light. 

So you just have to experiment, finding the color that best suits your characteristics and your tastes, without being afraid of making mistakes. In case of small smudges or imperfections, just use a cotton swab soaked in your specific lip makeup remover; in fact, the layer of foundation applied previously will help you to avoid unsightly halos because it will carry lipstick residues with it (check the list of best offers here ) and will prepare the skin for a new application.


Whether it’s a cheap lipstick or a branded product, it’s important that it is applied neatly and precisely. 

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